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Posted by evgenia 22/11/2018 3 Comment(s)


3 Comment(s)

29/03/2019, 11:39:08 PM

Ολα ειναι ,υπεροχα,μοναδικα , με πολυ αγαπη και αυτο φαινεται,συγχαρητηρια...

Eugenia Maofi:
30/04/2020, 02:05:35 PM

Ωραία.....1 χρόνο μετά είδα το σχόλιο....Χίλιες συγγνώμες κι άλλα τόσα ευχαριστώ Ράνια!

Patty mcgrath:
11/04/2020, 02:29:31 PM

I purchased some items when visiting Greece last year. I would like to buy more. Do you ship to the United States? How much extra is it? Thank you!

Eugenia Maofi:
30/04/2020, 02:15:38 PM

Hello Patty ! I am so glad you like Dots. Art for all ! Of course i can send you whatever you want in United States . Shipping costs are from 8 to 12 euros approximately, depending on the weight. I am at your disposal for any other question . Be well and have a good time !

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